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Meszecsinka (HU)

psychodelic folk

***In Kooperation mit der Kresslesmühle***

Kresslesmühle // Einlass 20.30, Start 21.00 // 12.-


Meszecsinka's adventures

…wild and messy, like the soundtrack to the rave at the end of the universe… an East European Kate Bush or Cocteau Twins... trance-like atmospheres that recall the likes of The Orb and Ozric Tentacles, with the band conjuring up huge waves of rushing sound.”
Songlines Magazine UK

2017 started in New York, where Meszecsinka's performance at APAP showcase was one of the 100 Best Concerts of the year, according to New York Music Daily.
Our song "At Dawn" was recognized as one of the 100 Best Songs of 2017.

“…ecstatic self-awareness, lascivious dancing, blissfully screaming and staggering sensual happiness. The vocal magician is Annamaria, an elfin singer with flowing gestures, dances barefoot on the floor while her voice wanders with fluttering vibrato and throaty tone”
Deggendorfer Zeitung 

In 2017 Meszecsinka toured in Russia, Belgium, Germany, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, and Hungary.

“Last night’s concert at Drom hit a harrowing peak with Hungarian trance-dance band Meszecsinka‘s frontwoman Annamaria Olah hidden behind her mane of long, flowing hair, wailing and flailing and crying out on the beat as her own voice echoed low and ominously in response, through a loop pedal. Although this was an intimate club gig with pristine sound, it was easy to imagine a hundred thousand people at some European summer festival flailing and swaying in unison in response to Olah’s passion onstage".

During the year we will travel a lot, from the Portuguese ocean beach to Ural Mountain in Russia.
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