Helfer fürs Karman-Festival gesucht! 

Wir brauchen noch Helfer für das Karman-Festival am 29. Mai. Wenn du eine Schicht an der Bar übernimmst, oder beim Auf- und Abbau hilfst, bekommst du freien Eintritt für das Festival und auch für das Konzert von SARAH OLIVER in der Kresslesmühle, yeah!

Melde dich unter info@karman-ev.de

SVIN Header1

Svin (Dänemark) 
based avantgarde rock

CITY CLUB  // Beginn 21.30 // 10.-


Since debuting in 2011 with Heimat, SVIN has made their mark on the international music-scene with four albums and a fifth one in the making. SVIN recorded their latest critically acclaimed album, Missionær (2016), in the legendary Sundlaugin studios in Iceland with massive inspiration from the epic surroundings. A new, darker synthetic sound took the band in a new direction and laid out a new course that is being explored in the work with the coming release. SVIN creates pulsating freeform rock with layers of narco-folklore, punk and doom.

In the aftermath of the release of Missionær, SVIN performed at the prestigous Roskilde Festival in 2017 and have during recent years toured extensively all over Europe, Russia and The Balkans as well as working with films and dance.

“Fact remains that this is one damn interesting piece of work, one that you need to check out, whatever stuff you usually listen to.”
Merchants of Air

“The music is magic — a repeating motif of clanging, chiming guitars and pounding percussion, punctuated by even more compulsive rhythmic patterns and the seething flow of poisonous riffs.”
-No Clean Singing (USA)

“The new album sees the band further pushing the envelope of just what they’re capable of, producing another enigmatic album experience that offers intense rushes and surprising calms. “
-Gareth Watkin, echoesanddust.com