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Razmotchiki Katushek (St. Petersburg) ABGESAGT!!! VERSCHOBEN auf November 2021
industrial electro
Nikolay Rubanov & Alexey Ivanov (St. Petersburg)

Kresslesmühle // Einlass 20.30, Beginn 21.00 //
*in Kooperation mit der Kresslesmühle*

RAZMOTCHIKI KATUSHEK is a new industrial electro project by Ekaterina Fedorova (Iva Nova, ZGA, FIGS) and Remko Muermans (ex-ZEA, Holland).

These two veterans of the stage will immerse you in a balmy world of analogue effects, live and electronic rhythm, domestic noise and the positive constructivism of soothing factory sounds.

Remko Muermans - noise effects, electronics, samples
Ekaterina Fedorova - drums, samples, noise objects


NIKOLAI RUBANOV & ALEXEI IVANOV incorporate complicated riffs, rhythmic patterns and prolonged meditative phrases into their work, created by Rubanov’s control of circular breathing and playing with overtones.

Their dynamics range between deafening, industrial roars and quiet sections which are almost inaudible and where the musicians’ movements seem to portray more than the actual sounds.

Nikolai Rubanov (Auktyon) - saxophones, synthesizers
Alexei Ivanov (FIGS) - drums, percussion

Neues Album: https://rubanov-ivanov.bandcamp.com/releases